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B i o g r a p h y

Sheila Eldridge, Founder & CEO


I formed the Mocha Cares Foundation as an outgrowth of our Cafe Mocha Salute Her Events.  The events honor and celebrate women dedicated to community service and changing lives in their neighborhoods.  It has been a privilege to learn about them and share their stories.  And it challenged us to become part of the solution - to donate the proceeds of these events to local shelters to help women transition back into the workforce and secure safe, transitional housing for themselves and their families.

I hope to be known for providing opportunities to young people and women that helps them grow professionally and personally - I continue to “pay it forward” just as those who I learned from gave back to me.

The Mocha Cares Foundation is committed to helping nonprofit organizations working with women and children to provide necessary resources that enable them to change their circumstances and change the world.

Please join us on this rewarding journey.

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